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All About Us

Upon returning to Great Britain with my US military veteran husband, I decided to bring Kettle Corn to the UK, and share my love of this American method and style of making popcorn.  I am finding that folks who don’t like popcorn love my Kettle Corn.


Reapers Hot Pepper Kettle Corn in a basket

Heather’s Kettle Corn UK creates small batches of hand-cooked, kettle popped Kettle Corn. It is an American method of cooking popcorn in a kettle hence the name Kettle Corn.


It's slightly sweet and salty and flavoured with simple quality ingredients, no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. It is made with love and care and 30 years of kettle corn cooking experience.  It is a product I am proud to put my name to.

How is Kettle Corn Made?

We have been asked many times how genuine American Style Kettle Corn is made........

this is how........ in a commercial grade stainless steel kettle.  We have a few of these machines that we had flown over from the US manufacturer.  We also bring our corn over from Nebraska.

IMG_0099-ReaperBowlFlags 2.jpg
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