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Sweet with Heat, Kettle Corn with a Kick!

Reaper is made with all the familiar ingredients, corn, rapeseed oil, sugar, pink Himalayan salt, and to give it that special kick we've added reaper hot pepper powder.

Reaper is cooked in its own cooker and is kept separate from the regular flavours so there is no cross-contamination.

Not suitable for children!

Reapers Hot Pepper (Small 80g)

  • This product is hand crafted and so you may encounter the odd unpopped kernel or sugar cluster.
    Nut allergy or concerns? DON’T WORRY No peanut oil or nuts of any kind have been used in the cooking of Heather’s Kettle Corn. We use non-GMO corn, It is also Vegan and Gluten Free.
    We are very proud of our 5 star hygiene certificate

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